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Why We Absolutely Love Fat Kid Dance Party

There are just too many things to love about Bevin Branlandingham. She’s been part of the fat acceptance movement for over fifteen years, penned many a blog on her queer-fat experience at QueerFatFemme.com, produced a podcast before it was cool, and founded Fat Kid Dance Party: an inclusive, accessible dance aerobics class that’s currently on […]

Do Good Today: Get Out Your Shovel

One of the easiest ways we can live up to the “In Our America” signs in the front windows of our homes and businesses is to shovel snow when it starts to fall. I live in Portland, Oregon and while we’re gaining experience with snow that sticks, many of us still don’t take the time […]

The Purpose of This App Will Inspire You

Like so many other fat people, every time I am invited to a new restaurant (not to mention a new music venue or movie theater), I experience a wash of anxiety. What will the seats be like? If I get there 15 minutes early, will I be able to make sure the booths are big […]

This May Shock You, But Your Concern Is Killing Us

I don’t have to tell you that our society equates size with health. And I may not have to tell you that this is a false equivalence. But this is information that bears repeating: Not all thin people are healthy. And not all fat people are unhealthy. People can be healthy at any size. I […]

You Need This Body Positive Podcast In Your Life

The Podcast Renaissance is alive and well in my life. I listen to political shows, pods that turn honesty into an art form, and shows that just tell great stories. If we ever run into each other and you ask me what my favorite podcast is, I will have a really hard time choosing just […]

Imagine A New Way Of Sharing Public Spaces

2018 is going to be a big year. This blog post will be the first of many. Our team will grow. Our beta will launch. We want to make sure you’re involved, every step of the way. Don’t miss an update Sign up to test our beta when it goes live in your area.  Write […]