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19 Memoirs From Fat Authors Sure To Make You Feel Less Alone

Looking for a story about someone’s life that may reflect your own? These memoirs by fat authors will resonate with readers with stories about bullying, struggling with—and sometimes unlearning—internalized fatphobia, and—in more than one instance—developing self-love that turns into a fight for body positivity and plus size lives everywhere. Some authors are known body justice […]

13 Things Your Plus-Size Guests Want You to Know This Holiday Season

As seasons change and you start planning holiday parties and gatherings, I hope the plans in your head are nothing short of grand. All the fancy things. Stinky cheeses, shiny decorations, and sweet confections. I also expect the comfort of your guests is on your mind. And since chances are you have at least one […]

Dining Chairs Plus-Size People Love & Where To Buy Them

According to a recent survey conducted by AllGo, 95% of plus-size people experience anxiety when going somewhere new. What’s the leading cause of that anxiety? Not knowing if the place they’re headed to will have plus-size friendly seating. What makes seating plus-size friendly? Over the last year, we’ve collected thousands of reviews, hundreds of survey […]

It’s Time (For Some Technical Leadership)

AllGo is seeking a Lead Developer to oversee the ongoing technical maintenance and development of our existing and future products. Our company’s mission is to make the world more accessible for plus-size people. And we’re looking for a full stack developer who is excited for the opportunity to take on a leadership and management role as the company grows.