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These 34 Plus Size Consignment Stores are Looking Forward to Life After Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of devastating for many small businesses in the United States, especially brick and mortar retailers. But these plus-size consignment stores have found a way to continue on and when you’re ready to shop in-person again, we hope you’ll check them out! This list is the place to start […]

Exposed! Diet Culture on College Campuses

It’s troubling to see “wellness” programs become a core part of college life, because college is when people are most at risk of developing eating disorders. This piece details how diet culture is alive and well on campuses across the U.S.

[WATCH & SHARE] Experts Explain How to Pick Seating Plus Size People Love

Chairs are weird. You either never think about them. Or you think about them all the time. If you’ve never felt like chairs are a problem, then this might seem crazy to you. But if you’re tall or short or wide or have mobility issues, chairs tell you a story. They tell you whether you’re welcome… or not.

Office Chairs Plus Size People Love (And No, They're Not Your Dad's Big & Tall Office Chair)

Most adults spend more than half of their waking hours at work. For those of us who work in offices, the right office chair can be the difference between productivity and pain. For plus size people, office furniture can be tricky to find. So-called “big and tall office chairs” often still have arms that don’t […]

8 Fat History Books You’ve Probably Never Heard of Before

We humbly present you with a few books for a course in Fat History 101. These books, researched and written by credentialed historians, anthropologists, and other experts, illuminate the social history of fat bodies.