You Need This Body Positive Podcast In Your Life

The Podcast Renaissance is alive and well in my life. I listen to political shows, pods that turn honesty into an art form, and shows that just tell great stories.

If we ever run into each other and you ask me what my favorite podcast is, I will have a really hard time choosing just one to tell you about.

Even now, just recommending my favorite body-positive podcast is difficult. So stay tuned for more recommendations in the near future.

Until then, let me introduce you to She’s All Fat.

Have you and your best friend ever looked at each other–mid laughing fit–and said the words, “We would make such a great TV show!”? My bestie and I have. And TBH, we  were probably wrong.

But if Sophie and April ever said that to each other, they couldn’t have been more right. These two wicked-smart women have the best conversations. From their musings on Netflix offerings, to their refreshingly honest Q&As around cross-racial difference, these two show off their creative magic.

And the duo’s body-positive politics are right on. Newbies to the subject will learn the basics around fat acceptance and understand the ways in which the body positive movement also needs to include body diversity of all kinds, including racial and generational diversity. 

Their second season launches February 1. Catch up now or later. Either way you won’t be disappointed.