Strong, Practical, and Hopeful: J of Comfy Fat

I love nothing more than to curl up all comfy on a lazy Sunday at Casa Alexander. But lately, I’ve been inspired by J Aprileo of Comfy Fat to ponder an alternate reality: “What if traveling could feel more like a lazy Sunday and less like a stressful grind on my body?” I think we […]

I’m Sexy And Chrystal Knows It

Written by Rebecca Alexander. Chrystal Bougon, the woman behind Curvy Girl Lingerie, “calls bullshit” on the idea that fat people are not sexy. Oh, and the fact that she’s built a successful business around this idea says she’s right. Curvy Girl Lingerie designs and produces beautiful lingerie specifically for sizes 12 to 28 and shows that […]

Why We Absolutely Love Fat Kid Dance Party

Written by Rebecca Alexander. There are just too many things to love about Bevin Branlandingham. She’s been part of the fat acceptance movement for over fifteen years, penned many a blog on her queer-fat experience at QueerFatFemme.com, produced a podcast before it was cool, and founded Fat Kid Dance Party: an inclusive, accessible dance aerobics class […]

Who Takes Your Body Positive Boudoir Shots? An Interview with Photographer Suma Jane Dark.

Written by Rebecca Alexander. Art courtesy of Suma Jane Dark. Last month, the Willamette Week published a piece about Portland’s out-sized footprint on Instagram. The piece claimed our city has more than our fair share of influencers making a living from their social media profiles. I wasn’t surprised to read this post, but I was surprised […]

The Purpose of This App Will Inspire You

Written by Rebecca Alexander. Art by Michael Poley. Like so many other fat people, every time I am invited to a new restaurant (not to mention a new music venue or movie theater), I experience a wash of anxiety. What will the seats be like? If I get there 15 minutes early, will I be able […]

You Need This Body Positive Podcast In Your Life

Written by Rebecca Alexander. Art courtesy of She’s All Fat. The Podcast Renaissance is alive and well in my life. I listen to political shows, pods that turn honesty into an art form, and shows that just tell great stories. If we ever run into each other and you ask me what my favorite podcast is, […]