It’s Time (For Some Technical Leadership)

About 18 months ago I took a leap and decided to solve a big problem in my life. For years, I had wanted a “Yelp for fat people”. I was sick and tired of visiting a new restaurant only to have a miserable experience because the space wasn’t designed for me. Either the booths were too small or the chairs weren’t sturdy or the whole space was just too cramped.

I used to have 1:1s with a boss whose office didn’t have any chairs that fit my body. I left each meeting with indentations on my thighs that wouldn’t go away for hours and would eventually turn to bruises.

I asked someone I met on Tinder once to move from a booth to a table while shaking their hand for the first time. Ugh. Even thinking about this now, years later, makes me cringe a little.

I broke a really crappy chair once at an Airbnb once in Mexico. My host was being very polite and invited me to join them for a beer. I didn’t want to be rude, but I was worried about the chair’s sturdiness. Ultimately, I chose politeness and the chair paid the ultimate price.

I was sick of literally not fitting in and having no helpful way to avoid these embarrassing situations.

So I decided to fix the problem. I decided to build a solution. I founded AllGo and created Yelp for fat people.

It’s amazing how much of a technological solution a solo nontechnical founder can create these days. I had a lot of help along the way (not the least of which was from the 1,100+ people who backed our Kickstarter campaign), but I’m still pretty impressed with what I accomplished without a technical lead.  

If I took AllGo this far on my own, just imagine what AllGo could could become with a technical lead by my side. It’s time.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m officially seeking a technical lead to help me take AllGo to the next level. I’m looking for someone who wants to use their technical skills to make the world a more inclusive and accessible space. I want the person to be kind and funny. I want them to be a self-starter and I hope that this person will live in Portland, but I’m open to people who live in other parts of the world.

Does this sound like you? Check out this full position description for more details.

To armless chairs everywhere,


One thought on “It’s Time (For Some Technical Leadership)

  1. I broke a chair, and fell ass over teakettle. It’s humiliating and incredibly frustrating. I am so glad you built this app.

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