The Single Clothing Item That Gave Me My First Real Taste of Fat Community

It was about six months after I formally launched AllGo. I was in a restaurant bar in Southeast Portland. (The place wasn’t AllGo-approved by the way, but we made it work.)

I was with several “fat internet celebrities” and really nervous. I didn’t know if I was [hip/fat-positive/creative] enough to interest them. The group was grabbing a drink/bite after a Portland stop on Fat Kid Dance Party’s 2018 Tour. Not only was Bevin from FKDP there, but so was Summer of Fat Girls Hiking and Anna of Body Love Yoga.

I really was a ball of nerves. I only knew these lovelies from the internet and I wasn’t sure if they really wanted me there or if they were just being polite to a tag-a-long.

As we enjoyed our refreshments and the sweat we’d worked up during the aerobics class evaporated, my anxiety dissipated too. These gems were more than welcoming. They were smart, charming, and curious.

They (Bevin and her long-time friend Drew especially) made sure I could follow every story and Summer and Anna even invited me to join them when they went out dancing later. Being an introvert who’d already reached her quota of people-time for the day, I declined. But it felt really good to be asked.

Then, as with any IRL meeting of individuals who manage Instagram accounts with complimentary brands, Selfie Time arrived.

And that’s when it happened.

 My favorite shot in the now-famous  Roaman’s  coat.
My favorite shot in the now-famous Roaman’s coat.

Bevin asked to wear Anna’s coat. It was a fabulous dusty rose faux fur number. I totally understood where Bevin was coming from, I too had been eyeing Anna’s coat. After Bevin took a series of photos in it, I did the same.

For the first time in my life, I shared tried on another woman’s clothes for fun. I’ve seen women who don’t wear plus-sizes do this countless times. I’ve even been (thoughtlessly IMHO) invited to so-called “Naked Lady” parties where the event’s sole purpose is to swap clothes between women. I’ve never went to these parties as I interpreted the silence around size diversity to mean that—like most “general” offerings in the apparel space”—my body’s needs would not have been considered.

But this coat from Roaman’s, a brand I hadn’t heard of until that day, finally granted me access to this rite of passage. Our impromptu styling session and photoshoot left me feeling proud of being plus-size and so grateful to have new fat friends.

Funnily enough, about a year later, Roaman’s is sponsoring AllGo’s April Go Big Giveaway. Roaman’s and their partner brand for big and tall fashion KingSize have each given AllGo 5 $1,000 gift certificates (for $10,000 total) and we’re passing these on to you. Visit this page for details.

3 thoughts on “The Single Clothing Item That Gave Me My First Real Taste of Fat Community

  1. Roaman’s was one of the first places I bought plus size clothing, because Lane Bryant was out of reach for me. I have fond memories of shopping from them!

  2. WOW! I had always known about Lane Bryant, since they were based in Indy while I lived there in my 20’s, struggling with a new husband and to stay under a size 14. Then after a car accident and I investigated plus-size, I went to Lane Bryant, and also discovered Roaman’s, which was a Lane Bryant offshoot, two separate companies then. I’ve purchased a lot from them, and they have lots of sales. Their credit card holders also receive nice discounts. You also might want to check out Bargain Catalogue Outlet, which features all Roaman’s, Woman Within and Jessica London brands. One other great brand is Elios. Nice quality, good fit, stylish.

  3. ."I’ve never went to these parties as I interpreted the silence around size diversity". "I have never attended" might be a better choice, poor grammar is distracting.

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