This May Shock You, But Your Concern Is Killing Us

Written by Rebecca Alexander. Art by Body Liberation Photos. I don’t have to tell you that our society equates size with health. And I may not have to tell you that this is a false equivalence. But this is information that bears repeating: Not all thin people are healthy. And not all fat people are […]

You Never Know: An Infinifat Podcaster on the Importance of AllGo

Are you that friend who pipes up in every conversation with, “I heard about that on a podcast the other…”? Well, so am I and now, I’ve added The Fat Lip, a funny, intelligent, informative podcast for fat people, by fat people to my audio listening queue. The Fat Lip is a monthly-podcast started by […]

Why The Sidelines Are Not Good Enough

Over the next few days, we’re going to shine a light on some of the powerful stories illustrate the need for AllGo. This is a story about the fierce and fabulous Shilo George.     I met Shilo George on Monday, October 2, 2017 on the first night of an entrepreneur boot camp. As women […]

Who Takes Your Body Positive Boudoir Shots? An Interview with Photographer Suma Jane Dark.

Written by Rebecca Alexander. Art courtesy of Suma Jane Dark. Last month, the Willamette Week published a piece about Portland’s out-sized footprint on Instagram. The piece claimed our city has more than our fair share of influencers making a living from their social media profiles. I wasn’t surprised to read this post, but I was surprised […]

The Purpose of This App Will Inspire You

Written by Rebecca Alexander. Art by Michael Poley. Like so many other fat people, every time I am invited to a new restaurant (not to mention a new music venue or movie theater), I experience a wash of anxiety. What will the seats be like? If I get there 15 minutes early, will I be able […]