Buying a Used Car? This Plus-Size Femme Has You Covered

Written by Rebecca Alexander.

Art by Mechanic Shop Femme.

Fat-friendly cars (or vehicles that are good for plus-size people) have been on our mind lately at AllGo.

We really enjoyed the conversation that ensued on Instagram when we posted a photo of our founder and her furry friend in their ride. (Join the convo here!)

So, when a member of our community reached out with a super helpful course on how to buy a used car, we couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Chaya Milchtein is offering this course through her blog, Mechanic Shop Femme. The three-day course launches June 24 via Facebook Live. Get all the details and secure your spot here!

If you’re in the market for a new-to-you, used car and would like some feminist guidance, register for this sliding-scale online course. We suspect Chaya can even help you make sure your new car is fat-friendly!

This course not quite what you need yet? Missed our convo about fat-friendly cars on Instagram? Check out this episode of The Fat Lip Podcast where Ash interviews guest, Sarah Hunter, about her experience buying a new car as an infinifat person.

About the Author

Rebecca Alexander is the Founder of AllGo and the author of A Kids Book About Body Image. Rebecca believes that being fat isn’t something she needs to change. She works to help others free themselves from the harmful bias that exists in our society. Her work is equal parts creativity and technology. Rebecca lives in Portland, Oregon with her Lhasa Apso, Lucy.

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