Our Services

We specialize in size inclusivity.

Companies and organizations hire us to help make their spaces, culture and products more inclusive for people of all sizes and abilities.

Your space speaks volumes.

We work with brands to make their corporate spaces welcoming to bodies of all sizes. Our clients are ready to think inclusively and cohesively about how their values are represented in spaces like waiting rooms, conference rooms, co-working arrangements, break rooms, cafeterias, offices and more.

As awareness around size inclusivity grows, we’ve found that our clients are concerned that potential and current employees get the message that all bodies are welcome, but they don’t know where to start. We’ll work with you to solve this challenge of how to make your interior space and furnishing more inclusive for bigger bodies.

Whether you are rebranding, redesigning or responding to feedback from your team, our customized consulting services will help you design a solution that is truly body positive, welcoming and inclusive. 

A culture  of inclusivity elevates your team.

Inclusive teams are productive teams. Size inclusivity is often overlooked in the conversation about diversity and inclusion, yet it effects 100 million Americans. The biases that exist for fat people are significant and data shows that it leads to pay gaps and lower rates of employment and promotion. Addressing these challenges starts by building a culture of inclusivity.

We work with clients to tailor solutions ranging from how to talk about fat bias, how to create size-inclusive team building experiences, and to the best include plus-size bodies in recruitment materials. 

There’s a gap in designing  with   bigger bodies in mind.

100 million Americans are plus-size. That’s almost one-third of the U.S. population. Yet this market remains incredibly underserved. People of size have grown frustrated with the slim options available to them, a fact designers are beginning to recognize. (Note: Did you know that plus-size women’s clothing is the fastest-growing segment women’s apparel market?)

We actively contribute to the conversation of universal design through events like our upcoming Design Week Portland Session The Fattest Gap in Design

If you would like to design products with plus-size people in mind, we want to help you. Our partnerships within the plus-size community will test your products and get you the feedback you need to know that you’re on the right track.