Patio Furniture for Plus Size People: We Can Dine with Comfort and Style

 As a plus-size person, AllGo Founder Rebecca Alexander cares a lot about finding great fat-friendly patio furniture.
As a plus-size person, AllGo Founder Rebecca Alexander cares a lot about finding great fat-friendly patio furniture.

When the clouds retreat from Portland skies and the sun begins to shine, the city comes alive. The most popular activity in our gastronomically-geared community?

Dining outside.

But when you’re fat, the prospect of enjoying a meal on a patio isn’t all puppies and rainbows.

When I get a springtime happy hour invitation to a new place, the internet research begins….

Does this place have a patio? Is the patio shaded? But most importantly, what are the patio chairs like? (Soon, this information and more will be available on AllGo. If you haven’t already, sign up for our Beta here.)

These anxiety-riddled questions may seem like I don’t enjoy an outdoor happy hour. But that is the farthest thing from the truth.

I love nothing more settling into a delicious meal of small plates and delicious drinks with a good group of friends.

But for me, patio happy hours are only enjoyable if seating is fat-friendly.

How can you tell if a patio is friendly for your plus-size friends?

Ask yourself: Is there a variety of seating available on the patio you’re inviting them to? Is any of this seating bench seating or sturdy chairs without arms?

If you answered yes to these two questions, then you’re probably in good shape. Additional #fatfriendly points are awarded to patios that are well-shaded, in a location with a nice breeze, and have wide aisles.

Plus Size Patio Furniture Recommendations

Since, small, rickety, uncomfortable patio chairs have ruined more of happy hours than I can count, I’ve taken the time to pick out some alternatives in case any of you are ready to make a change. (If you buy any of these chairs, AllGo will receive a small commission on the sale.)

Whether you’re a home entertainer or a restaurant owner, if you’d like to upgrade your furniture and create a more inclusive environment for your guests, here are some chairs I’d recommend:

Bristow Armless Chair in Antique Royal Blue

Hercules Sled Base Chair with Vented Back

Siena Armless Chair in Teak and Stainless Steel

Rebecca AlexanderRebecca Alexander

Rebecca Alexander is the Founder of AllGo. She founded AllGo because, as a fat woman, she has spent countless hours scouring the internet to reduce her anxiety about going to new places. Rebecca wants the world to be more accessible for people of size.

Rebecca is also the author of A Kids Book About Body Image, a book that takes the conversation around body image head-on, helping kids not only love their own bodies the way they are and understand the corporate origins of body image struggles.